Automobile Collisions

A car accident can be a scary and even traumatizing event. Your best defense is to know your rights before you get in an accident. Then if the day ever comes you’ll be prepared. In any given collision, there are complexities that are important to be aware of and understand. When you’re in shock after an accident, the first thing you think about won’t be statute of limitations, insurance coverage, uninsured motorists, fault and no-fault accidents, poor road conditions, weather variables, witness testimonials, injuries, medical bills, or missed work. It will be your safety, your family and your livelihood.

Let’s take a moment to review what you need to know. The most important factor in your long term well-being, and equally important to a legal claim, is proper medical assessments, diagnostic and objective evaluations, and accurate documentation. If you are in an accident, document the facts at the scene, get checked out by a physician even if you don’t think you sustained any injuries, and talk to an attorney. The statue of limitations in Arizona requires that any lawsuit be filed within two years of the accident. Memories may fade in less time, so it is better to preserve the details while they are still fresh in your memory than to wait and risk the details being a bit hazy.

When liability is in question, it is important to understand the terms ‘legal duty’ or ‘duty of care’. Simply put, every driver that gets behind the wheel has a basic legal duty to operate that vehicle with reasonable care. When a driver causes a collision due to negligence, meaning the collision would not have occurred had the driver been more careful in some way, he or she can be at fault and be held responsible for the accident.

Although the list of legal and factual variables is a long one, it comes down to a few categories: whose fault is it, why or how did it happen, what was the result or damage, and who is financially responsible? Once the information is gathered and analyzed, our office can put together a legal claim for compensation. Sometimes that compensation can be through various channels including negotiations, litigation or even a trial.

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