Manufacturers are required by law to make safe products that will not, when used properly, cause injury or harm to consumers. Companies have a legal duty to produce safe products. However, some companies may not put safety first and defective products can reach consumers.

A defective product, part of a product, equipment or piece of equipment, or other defective component that causes an injury may result in a defective products claim. The determining factors rely on proving the defective component caused the accident or injury, as well as whether to total sum of losses holds enough value to pursue the time and investment of a lawsuit.

It is important to estimate the value of damages and determine if they are greater than the cost of hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit. If your losses are major it is important to document them at the beginning of the process to ensure everything is included at the time of judgment. If your losses are minor, but the claims are widespread and have affected other consumers, you may be able to join a class action lawsuit where numerous people file a suit together against a manufacturer for damages.

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