Serious Personal Injury

There is a litany of personal injuries including traffic accident injuries, work accidents, tripping and falling, assault, home accidents like falling off a ladder, and product defect-induced injuries. Many medical malpractice suits begin as personal injury cases caused by a doctor or dentist’s negligence.

Personal injury damages are categorized in two ways: special or general. Special damages are damages that can be specifically measured such as medical expenses, lost wages or property damages. General damages are less specific and include generalities such as pain and suffering and emotional anguish.

Compensation amounts for personal injury cases depend on the injury itself, and the affect it has on your life and well being. Serious injuries from broken bones to brain injuries usually receive the highest settlements considering the extreme impact they can have on your livelihood. Personal injury claims may include both special and general damages due to loss of property and loss of amenity or lifestyle prior to the accident.

Personal injury cases can be long and arduous, as the need for forensic accounting can sometimes be time consuming. Forensic accountants research and consider a variety of scenarios and base their findings on the best estimate they can provide based on all available, objective data. This can take weeks, months, and even years. However, the investment of time and resources are often valuable assets considering the impact of the injuries and loss of amenity can be life-long for a family.

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