Medical Malpractice

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Medical Malpractice

Hold healthcare providers accountable for their actions and provide compensation for the resulting damages caused by substandard treatment.

What you should know about medical negligence claims in Arizona:

Medical professionals are required to carry medical malpractice liability insurance: most retail a minimum of $1 million and are often covered by additional insurance policies.

In our state and country today, medical malpractice cases are very expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to live with and prove. There is a longstanding bias in favor of physicians and health care providers. It is your right to hold negligent doctors and health practitioners accountable.

Medical malpractice can consist of any type of negative outcome from any form of treatment. Often, the cause of contributing factors are vague, misunderstood, or even missed completely by a patient or attorney who is not well-versed in medical malpractice.

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Do your due diligence and retain an experienced attorney if you or a loved one has suffered harm from medical malpractice. Our best advice is to hire an attorney with a proven success record in the context of medical malpractice. We have a history of handling, and winning medical malpractice suits. 

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