Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

You suffered losses due to someone else’s conduct. You are entitled to recover not only those losses but also other categories of damages. How an attorney develops and proves your damages directly impacts the type and number of damages you recover through settlement or jury verdict.

Gill Law Firm has deep experience in mediation, complex negotiations and jury damages presentations. We have requested multi-million-dollar damages awards at trials. Juries responded, awarding our clients million-dollar verdicts based on our damages presentations. These presentations require diligent and sophisticated consideration of our clients, their losses, and the losses they likely will suffer in the future. We appreciate a client can never come back to a jury years later and request more money. The time is now.

Personal injury damages are categorized in three ways:

Special damages

Special damages are quantifiable damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost future income, future medical care and property damage. Proving special damages requires a comprehensive evaluation of how an injury has impacted a client in the past, currently and in the future.

General damages

General damages are less quantifiable. It is the trial attorney’s duty to compellingly quantify these damages to insurance adjustors, mediators and jurors. These damages include categories difficult to quantify artfully, such as pain and suffering, loss of the enjoyment of life (Hedonic) and loss of consortium (loss of all or a part of relationships).

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages are damages based on the defendant’s actions. In some cases, exemplary or punitive damages can be developed to motivate a jury to punish the defendants and prevent similar injuries or death to others.

We handle personal injury cases

Personal injury cases can take many forms, including medical malpractice suits, because they involve harm caused by healthcare providers. Conservative legislative and judicial law make malpractice cases complex, highly expensive, and risky. Mr. Gill started his career defending healthcare providers to gain the experience and skill to litigate and try cases against licensed healthcare providers. He has represented plaintiffs in cases against healthcare providers for over twenty years.

Personal injury or wrongful death can be caused by premises liability, vehicle collisions, Adult Protective Services Act (“APSA”), sexual assault, slips and falls and other mechanisms.

Our firm handles all these cases with high skill, care, and compassion.

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How we can help prove damages

We have worked with hundreds of experts across many fields, including medical specialties, forensic accounting and future cost of care. We pride our selves on capturing all aspects of a client’s losses because, again, a client cannot come back for additional compensation years down the road.

Pursuing damages can be a long, painful process. However, the investment of time and resources is well worth it because of the impact of the injuries and the lifelong toll it will take on your family. Additionally, because our firm offers contingency fee representation, you won’t pay anything unless and until we recover compensation for you.

Recovering all damages you suffered, are suffering or will suffer requires expert attorneys with experience in the trenches fighting for every dollar against defense attorneys highly skilled at convincing juries you are not entitled to anything.

Please contact us to find out about your options after suffering a serious personal injury. Consultations are free.

Adult Protective Services Act (APSA)

The Arizona Adult Protective Services Act is a body of law addressing the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults. We have effectively developed evidence of violation of APSA in various contexts, permitting us to recover types of damages not otherwise permissible in personal injury and wrongful death. One of the unique aspects of APSA is the recovery of pain and suffering prior to a loved one’s death. APSA is complex; effectively developing and obtaining these unique damages requires in-depth experience. Gill Law Firm has experience successfully litigating APSA cases. APSA also offers a unique opportunity for punitive or exemplary damages when developed effectively.
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